How to Keep Students To Motivated Through PE

Getting your students to participate in PE willingly can be a daunting task. No matter how many plans you come up with if they are not motivated to engage in the activities, then that is a waste of time. They will not benefit from the lessons or activities planned. It is also disappointing when your students are not excited about PE Lessons and view them as something that they are forced to do. You can get your students motivated and engaged through the following ways;

1. Create new and challenging activities

When your students are dragging their feet unwilling to participate, this means that the class has become boring. It is time to change either by creating new lessons altogether or making the previous one more challenging. New activities are exciting whereas challenging activities keeps them on their toes. Keep the lessons fresh and exciting by rotating through a series of different activities.

2. Create PE class groups

Dividing your students into small manageable groups not only enables you to keep track of them but also creates healthy competition among the students. When in small groups, the students are less likely to be distracted as compared to when the PE Lessons are done in a large group.

3. Get feedback from your students

Ask around and get your students’ honest feedback about PE. Ask about what they enjoy most and what changes they would like implemented. This will give you a clear picture of the way forward. This might be the key to keeping your students engaged and motivated throughout PE.

Physical activity and fitness will benefit your students both in their academics and health. Taking the time and making the effort to ensure that your students are engaged in these activities is important as a teacher and mentor to your students.